od gracious, how lovely said Mrs Rabbit as Angelina gently drew the baby bear from her pouch. Several more bunnies came round to inspect the new arrival. Just look at his ears cried Mrs Rabbit. I m sure I d never hear with those furry things. And, oh dear, no tail Well, well Take care he does not catch cold. I really think he should have a t. ail to keep him warm. I have a spare one hanging on the wall of the burrow. Poor Mr Rabbit was Isaca Certification shot, and I found his skin near by but I managed to bite off the tail and bring it home. Here poor Mrs Rabbit burst into tears. Here s just the thing Mrs. Rabbit cried. Never mind, my dear, said Angelina soothingly. If it will please you, we will tie it on the baby. Mrs Rabbit dried her eyes with her paw and went sniffling down into the burrow. I won t be a moment, she called from somewhere CISM it exam down under the ground. Up she came in a very short time carrying the tail in her two front paws. What can we sew it on with inquired Angelina. We ll tie it on with a piece of grass. And Mrs Rabbit hopped round until she found a nice long pi. ece. Here s just the thing she cried, and CISM came hopping back with it in her teeth. Angelina excitedly pulled the baby out of her pouch, and together they fastened the tail on. It did look funny, as it was almo

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