s of activity, that in fact hitherto its nature was not fully expressed. To suppose that it may simply abandon its previous nature, and act in manners opposed to its previous activity in similar circumstances, is simply to suppose that it has ceased to exist and has been superseded by something new. Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure It is the same with the psychical agent. He cannot act otherwise than in accord with his nature. And indeed his nature is simply how he does act. just as the electron s nature is how it does act. And in each case, so far as we can tell, the action is systematic. But though in this important sense all activity that really is activity is necessarily spontaneous though determinate, psychical activity is spontaneous, or free, in a more radical manner. Whereas physical activity may be constrained by the physical environment, psychical conative activity cannot ever Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam be simply and directly constrained by the physical. If our theory of conation is correct, every conat. ive act is an unconstrained espousal of some objective tendency or other. Microsoft Certification The act, in every case, is primarily determined by the intrinsic goodness of some possible fulfilment or other. Even a choice of evil is primarily determined by cognition of some minor tendency, some minor possibility of good. It is evil in that it is not determined by an a

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure
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