f the ravine to allow it time to recharge. His gun swept the area, and noted the circular structure that dominated asmall depression at the top of the ravine. His shield had just begun a recharge cycle, feeding off the armor scapacious power plant, when the pair of Hunter aliens burst from cover andlobbed fire at his position. The first blast struck him square in the chest and sent him tumblingbackward. The second shot was stopped by a thick trunk. ed tree. A trickle ofblood pooled Magento Certification in the corner of his left eye. He shook his head to clear hisblurred vision and rolled to his left. A third shot kicked up a plume Magento ofsoil where he had lain just seconds before. The Chief tossed a frag grenade, counted to three, Magento it exam then sprang to his feetand sidestepped to his right, firing all the way. He d timed it perfectly. The grenade detonated, and the flash and smokebriefly confused the aliens. His rounds bounced from their thick armorplates. In unison, they spun to face him, their weapons glowing green asthey ch. arged for another salvo. Ano

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
M70-101 Magento Certified Developer Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer
M70-201 Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam Magento Magento Certified Developer Plus
M70-301 Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam Magento Magento Front End Developers
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