through his confused Enterasys Networks Certification it exam mind likediseased maggots. A host of new images filled him the first time he killed another human being, during the riots onCharybdis IX. He smelled blood, and his hands shook as he holstered thepistol. He co. uld feel the heat of the weapon s barrel the pride he felt after graduating at the Academy, then a hitch as ifa bad holorecord was being scrolled back then a knot in his gut. Fear thathe wouldn t be Enterasys Networks Certification able to meet the Academy s standards the sickening smell of lilacs and lilies as he stood over hisfather s coffin Keyes continued to float, mesmerized by the parade of memories that began topile on him, each one appearing faster than the last. He drifted through thefog. He didn t notice, or indeed care, that as soon as the b. ursts of memoryended, they disappeared entirely. The strangeotherness receded from his awareness, but not entirely. He couldstill sense theother probing him, but he ignored it. The next burst ofmemory passed then another then another The Chief checked his threat indicator, found nothing of concern, andallowed Enterasys Certification the swamp to close in around him.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
2B0-020 ES NetSight Atlas Enterasys Enterasys Networks Certification
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