the other tack. Well, I m very sorry, Mrs. Wallis, he said, as if the interview were ended, but we can t put any belief in your story. It has all the appearance of a cock and bull yarn. You ve Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam been thinking too much about the affair. People do that, you know, quite often. , and then they begin to imagine that they did the thing themselves. The best thing you can do is to go home and think no more about it. As Barker had expected, that got her. A faint alarm appeared on her red face. Then her Cisco Certification shrewd black eyes went to Grant and examined him. I don t Cisco Business Value Specialist know who you may be, she said to Barker, but Inspector Grant believes me all right. This is Superintendent Barker, Grant said, and my chief. You ll have to tell the superintendent a lot more than that, Mrs. Wallis, befor. e he can believe you. She recognized the rebuff, and before she had recovered Barker said again, Why did you kill Sorrell Unless you give us an adequate reason, I m afraid we can t believe you. There s nothing at all to connect you with the murder except that little scar. I expect it s that little scar that has set you thinking about all this, isn t it, now Not it she said. D you think I m crazy Well, I m not. I did it all right, and I ve told you how I did it exactly. Isn t that enough Oh, no, yo. u could quite easily have made up the tale of how you did it. We ve got to have proof. Well, I ve got the she

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