ed is an end in itself. To be an object of love, Amazon it exam no less than to be a loving subject, is judged to be in itself a fulfilment demanded by our nature. This fact is often attributed to our social or our sexual dispositions and certainly it would be illegitimate to infer from it alone that all objects are intrinsically benefited by being objects of psychical activity. Nevertheless, it is worth while to inquire what it is that we do experience when we rejoice i. n being valued. Roughly, what we feel when we are valued is that we have not lived in vain. Apart from a merely selfish pursuit of pleasure, there seem to be two kinds of fulfilments Amazon Certification worthy to be sought. A man may hope that his behaviour may be instrumental in however microscopic a measure to the fulfilment of that which is objective to him as an experient. But also in so far as he is himself Amazon intrinsically excellent, in so far as his cognition is true and rich, and his conation just, this excellence of his may, so t. o speak, be saluted, confirmed, crowned, by the admiration of his fellows or the affection of some few intimates, or the love of a life long companion. Without such admiration he may feel that, though he may have done good work in the world, he, as a source of intrinsic value, has missed complete fulfilment, in that he has not brought into being all the excellence of which he was capable, namely the psychical reals which we call admiration and love. He may feel, in fact, that i

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