stamps scrolled across her ATS Certification screens. Are you done with the temporal analysis of these logs Yes, Doctor. You were correct There is a discrepancy be.tween the Halo team and theteam on Reach. The time stamps are off by an average of three weeks. I hypothesize thatthis was caused by my gravity influenced Slipspace transition. The corners of Dr. Halsey s mouth flickered into a. smile. I m disappointed, Cortana.That s a guess and an incorrect one at that. Really Cortana replied with a hint of challenge in ATS Certifications her tone. 248HALO FIRST STRIKE Do you have any data from your subsequent gravity influenced ATS Certifications it exam translation to correlate There was a two second pause, and then Cortana finally an.swered, Yes, Doctor. There are no temporal displacements on those later jumps. As I suspected. Dr. Halsey tapped her finger on her lower lip as she thought. Plot thetemporal irregularities on a space time surface. Then call up my file on the spatialdistortion generated by the alien artifact. On the displays appeared two sets of nearly identical curved membranes that stretchedabout a central location and time Reach and the recovery of the strange artifact. That thing not only bends space,

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ET0-002 Web Development ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-003 Web Administration ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-004 Database Development ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-008 NETWORK DESIGN ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-009 Associate Technology Specialist-Network Administration ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-016 Technical Support Administration/Maintenance ATS ATS Certifications
ET0-017 Technical Support Installations/Upgrades ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-006 WEB DEVELOPER (ET1-006) ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-007 Programming/Software Engineering Implementation ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-010 Digital Media Design/Development ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-011 Digital Media Implementation ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-012 Technical Writing Planning/Design ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-013 technical Writing Development ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-014 Enterprise Systems Analysis ATS ATS Certifications
ET1-015 Enterprise Systems Integration ATS ATS Certifications
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